A home’s energy efficiency has become an ever increasing factor in the purchasing decision of homebuyers as they become more aware about their environmental footprint and are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and lower their utility bills. Energy efficient homes also provide a greater level of comfort and better indoor air quality.

You, as a builder, can capitalize on this trend by adding energy efficient homes to your product mix. Participating in nationally recognized government-backed programs will help you stay ahead of regional building codes, meet customer demand, secure a competitive edge and gain recognition as an innovator and leader by making energy-efficient housing widely available to consumers.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) backs the following housing initiatives:

  • EnerGuide Rating System Version 15 new and improved
  • ENERGY STAR® for New Homes
  • R-2000

Determine which program is right for you by evaluating your needs and the cost of adding energy efficient upgrades. Below is an overview of each program’s features and benefits:

  EnerGuide Rating System ENERGY STAR for New Homes R-2000
  • Helps homebuilders evaluate their house plans for energy performance
  • Once a house has been constructed, it receives an EnerGuide label
  • Indicates a home’s level of energy performance




  • Designed and built to meet specific set of technical specifications
  • On average 20% more energy efficient than a typical new home
  • ENERGY STAR label indicates lower energy demand and better overall performance
  • Uses EnerGuide Rating System to measure levels of energy efficiency in homes
  • State-of-the-art building techniques
  • Exceptional comfort, increased energy savings and health benefits
  • Most energy-efficient houses on the market
  • On average 50% more energy-efficient than a typical new home
  • Uses EnerGuide Rating System to measure levels of energy efficiency in homes


Why join
  • Government backed initiative, nationally recognized label
  • Added value for your customers
  • Savings – chose the most cost-effective and feasible energy efficient features
  • Maximum flexibility – include energy efficiency upgrades as part of the package or offer additional energy efficiency options to homebuyers
  • Market recognition and customer satisfaction
  • Access to NRCan’s support network


  • Proven sales & marketing tool
  • Trusted brand
  • Government backed
  • Market recognition & customer satisfaction
  • Continual support and learning opportunities








  • Innovation – leading edge technologies
  • Leadership
  • Government backed
  • Best in class
  • Added value – superior air tightness standards and indoor air quality
  • Continual support and learning opportunities







Still interested in becoming a leader in the latest energy efficiency construction techniques and materials?

Here’s how you can participate:

To participate in any of the above mentioned initiatives, you must be registered with NRCan. Contact us and we will help you determine energy efficient options that best fit your needs. We will help you with the registration with NRCan and the labelling of your homes and provide any required training to your staff.

For more information, visit Natural Resources Canada’s website.