British Columbia



Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CMHC Mortgage Insurance Rebate

Qualify for up to 25% refund on the mortgage loan insurance premium if you use CMHC insured financing to buy an energy-efficient home, purchase a new house and make energy-saving renovations or renovate your existing home to make it more energy efficient.


Rebates Administered through Fortis BC and BC Hydro:

  • Home Renovation Rebate Program (administered by Fortis BC and BC Hydro)
  • Bonus Offer
  • Energy Coach Home Evaluation Rebate
  • Municipal Rebates ( the City of Victoria, District of Saanich, Campbell River, District of North Saanich, Town of Sidney)
  • Provincial $150 rebate towards the cost of an EnerGuide evaluation


Fortis Rebates:

Visit Fortis BC’s website and select your city for available rebates and eligibility requirements.

BC Hydro Rebates:

Visit BC Hydro’s website for a list of available rebates.

BC Home Energy Coach:

Visit BC Home Energy Coach to access easy-to-navigate self-serve tools, including an incentives database and resources to learn about energy efficiency upgrades and services. Use their website to learn about: 

  • Accessing rebates, incentives, and financing
  • Options to reduce your energy bills
  • Options to reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Understanding the benefits of improved home energy efficiency
  • Choosing the right energy savings upgrade
  • Selecting the right contractors 

Home Renovation Rebate Program


  • Applicants must hold a service account with FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Inc., and/or BC Hydro
  • Electrically heated homes served by local municipal utilities within service territories of BC Hydro or FortisBC
  • The residence must be:
    • Single family detached
    • Mobile home on a permanent foundation
    • Side-by-side duplex, side-by-side row home or townhouse
  • Applicants must have 12 months of consecutive utility billing history for the period immediately prior to the installation of the upgrades
  • The home must be heated primarily by electricity, natural gas, or propane supplied by BC Hydro or FortisBC.
  • All equipment/products must be new and not previously installed in another home or building
  • EnerGuide evaluations are required for the draft proofing upgrade, the Bonus Offer, and the Energy Coach Home Evaluation Rebate

Eligible Rebates

  • Insulation
  • Variable speed mini-split air source heat pumps
  • EnerChoice® fireplaces
  • Bathroom ventilation fans
  • Natural gas water heaters
  • Draftproofing

Bonus Offer Eligible Rebates

Participants must install at least three eligible Upgrades within 36 months of the pre-upgrade EnerGuide evaluation. Only one type of bonus-eligible upgrade can qualify towards the Bonus Offer with the exception of insulation. Eligible upgrades are:

  • Insulation
  • Air source heat pump
  • Natural gas furnace
  • Natural gas boiler
  • EnerChoice fireplace
  • Water heater
  • Heat recovery ventilator
  • Draftproofing
  • ENERGY STAR windows and exterior doors

Application Process

  • A pre-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation must be completed before the installation of draft proofing upgrades or any upgrades which are to be counted towards the Bonus Offer. You will be issued with a label showing your home’s current energy consumption and a Renovation Upgrade Report that lists the potential upgrades with an annual energy savings calculation per upgrade basis.
  • A post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation must be completed after the installation of the upgrades. At this stage, the Energy Advisor requires a copy of all invoices/ receipts (see invoice requirements below) and a copy of the rebate application form. Energy Advisor will also complete the Energy Advisor assisted application form.
  • All participants must complete and submit a Home Renovation Rebate Application Form completed in full. The participants will submit the rebate application directly to either Fortis BC, BC Hydro or the local municipality.
  • If the participant is not the electric and/or gas utility account holder, the primary utility account holder must complete and submit the application form
  • For the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades, the energy advisor must complete and submit the Energy Advisor Supported Upgrades form.
  • The energy advisor will submit the post-upgrade EnerGuide file Natural Resources Canada issue a new label and report only once all required documentation has been received from the customer.

Invoice Requirements

  • All invoices/receipts must indicate details and the address of the work performed
  • Contractor’s company name, contact (phone and/or email) and address
  • Product brand, model number, and purchase date
  • Gas installation requires natural gas permit number and BCSA gas contractor license number
  • All copies must be clear and legible


  • For draft proofing upgrades and the Bonus Offer, all upgrades must be installed and the post-Upgrade EnerGuide evaluation must be completed within 36 months of the installation of the upgrades
  • Rebate applications and all supporting documentation must be received within six months of the installation of the upgrades
  • Processing of the applications may take up to 90 days from the date that all required application documents are received

Rebate Amounts

Current rebate amounts are available at bchydro.com/homerebates or fortisbc.com/homerebates

Municipal Rebates


  • Participant homes must be located within the municipal boundaries of a collaborating municipal partner ( the City of Victoria, District of Saanich, Campbell River, District of North Saanich, Town of Sidney)
  • All participants must pre-register online at http://www.citygreen.ca/mpo. Participants without a pre-registration code will not be eligible for any Partner Offer services or rabe offers
  • Homes heated by electricity, natural gas or oil with the municipal boundaries of the City of Campbell River, City of Victoria and District of Saanich are eligible for the Partner Offer
  • Homes heated by electricity within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Sidney and the District of Saanich are eligible for the Partner Offer
  • Hotline and energy coaching services are provided at no extra cost and separately from the standard services included in the EnerGuide evaluation services

Partner Program Offer Details

The following services and offers can be access at no extra cost:

  • Toll-free hotline to provide support related to completing eligible upgrades, understanding program requirements and applying for rebates – call 1.844.881.9790 or +1.250.412.0490 (if calling from outside BC)
  • Up to four check-in telephone calls (max. 15 minutes each), initiated by the coaching hotline service provider, to follow-up with the participant on the progress of completing eligible upgrades
  • Bonus Offer rebate top-up of $500 for completing three eligible upgrades (for a total Bonus Offer rebate of $1,250)
  • For oil heated customers, access to existing program insulation and draft proofing rebates, the Bonus Offer, and the Bonus Offer rebate top-up

Whistler Residential Energy Rebate

We currently do not service this area, but this grant is available to Whistler residents. This rebate program offers homeowners in Whistler $250 towards an EnerGuide for Homes home energy evaluation. 

Rebates & Eligibility

Existing Homes
Initial Home Energy Assessment $250
Follow-Up Blower Door Test $125
New Homes
New Home Plan Evaluation $250

The program is available to anyone owning a single family home, duplex, or townhouse unit in Whistler and anyone in the process of developing a new home in Whistler. For more information, visit the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s website.


New Westminster Energy Save New West

Energy Save New West provides local homeowners and businesses access to energy assessments, energy upgrades, utility rebates and incentives.