The City of Edmonton has launched its “Spot the Difference” program on June 22, 2017. Under this program, Edmonton residents can get up to 80% (up to a max. of $400) off the price of an EnerGuide evaluation when they share their results on the EnerGuide Online Mapping Tool*. The online mapping tool shares EnerGuide energy ratings of participating new and existing homes, allowing you to easily compare the energy use between homes. 

Who is eligible? 

  • Existing homes in the boundaries of the city of Edmonton
  • Single-family detached, single-family attached (duplex, triplex, quadruplex), or row housing unit not exceeding three stories
  • Home has been evaluated by a licensed energy advisor and received an EnerGuide label with a gigajoule (GJ) rating (EnerGuide version 15) that has not been previously shared on the City of Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map
  • The owner must agree to the program terms and conditions and share the energy rating and EnerGuide label on Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map. 

It’s easy to participate – simply contact us to schedule an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation and sign up on Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map. 

What are the benefits of participating and sharing my EnerGuide rating with the public? 

An EnerGuide label shows the energy performance of your home and acts as proof of that energy rating. Our advisors will provide you with personalized recommendations that help you make informed decisions on which energy efficient upgrades will save the most energy and money and improve the overall comfort of your home. If you are thinking of selling your home, an EnerGuide label can be an important selling point to prospective buyers and set you apart from other similar homes. Adding your EnerGuide Rating to the EnerGuide for Homes map can help you showcase any energy-efficient upgrades that you have made. Prospective buyers can easily compare the energy efficiency of your home to a similar new home built to code. Some older homes have even been upgraded to use less energy than a new home and EnerGuide can help buyers see those changes. Homebuyers can also request that an EnerGuide evaluation is conducted as a condition of sale. Being proactive to get an EnerGuide label and displaying it on your listing shows transparency and can speed up the transaction process.

For more information about the program or to schedule an evaluation, contact us at 403 251 0683 to speak with an energy advisor. 

 * Availability of rebates is limited. The number of rebates granted is dependent on approved funding levels and as such, the City of Edmonton reserves the right to discontinue or alter the rebate at any time without notice.