Interested in becoming an Energy Advisor?

Energy Advisors assess the energy performance and potential energy savings for homes during the design, construction and renovation stage and provide advice to builders and homeowners on how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

To become an Energy Advisor, you must successfully pass the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Foundation Level and Energy Advisor exams. This link will take you to NRCan’s website that will further explain the process and requirements. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in:

  • Residential construction practices for low-rise housing
  • Energy efficiency renovation practices
  • Residential building materials
  • Residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Building science, including the principles of the “house as a system”
  • Basic arithmetic and geometry, computer skills
  • Good client relations

If you have knowledge and experience with building construction practices and materials, you can challenge the Foundation Level Exam. Alternatively, you can attend training that will prepare you to write the exams. CIET offers the prep course for the NRCan Foundation Level and Energy Advisor exams, click this link to check the schedule for upcoming courses.

After successfully passing these exams, you are required to complete probationary files and maintain an association with a licensed service organization thereafter.

Contact us if you already have passed your exams and wish to proceed with arranging probationary files or want to discuss potential opportunities as an Energy Advisor.