About Us

We are passionate about making buildings better. We believe that structures should be more comfortable, efficient, more economical, and sustainable to build and operate, and we have the skills to achieve this on every size of budget.

We believe that the right energy efficiency solutions create cash returns as well as improved comfort, better air quality, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Our strength is in our diversity and our commitment to making buildings better.

Our company philosophy is simple. We will provide the highest quality service to every customer and give honest answers that are in the best interest of the customer at all times. Our success depends on never misrepresenting the facts and maintaining a spotless reputation for integrity, value and customer service.

Our Offices


Head Office:

#514, 3208 8th Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T2A 7V4




Regional Offices:

We provide services throughout Alberta, Vancouver Island, and Surrey, BC.


We are now located at Unit 201, 427 Fitzwilliam Street.
Our team of energy advisors is here to help you with the implementation of the BC Energy Step Code and to work with you and your team in achieving the required objectives. We assist our clients with both existing and new homes and help you navigate rebates and incentives for energy-efficient home improvement projects.

Contact our team of experts who can help you make decisions that are right for you:

  • Step Code
  • EnerGuide for Houses (ERS v.15)
  • 9.36 Code Compliance
  • NECB Code Compliance
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting

Call or email us at

cwiebe@energyexperts.ca or info@energyexperts.ca