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VerdaTech is passionate about making buildings better.
We believe that structures should be more comfortable, efficient, more economical, and sustainable to build and operate, and we have the skills to achieve this on every size of budget.


An energy assessment can help you understand your home’s energy usage and propose strategies on how to increase the energy efficiency of your home, increase comfort and have a positive impact your carbon foot print.

Our services help builders and homeowners alike.


An ASHRAE energy assessment is the first step in identifying energy-savings and energy cost reduction opportunities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the comfort, health and safety of the occupants.
With your corporate goals and objects to reduce operating costs and your environmental impact, our services are designed to make this an affordable reality.


We are here to assist you in embracing a new career.

Working with CIET we provide energy adviser training across Canada. This positions students to challenge the required NRCan exams.

We provide customized training to EA’s and builders for 9.36 code compliance, energy modeling solutions, STEP Code, HOT2000 energy modelling software.

Canadaian Network of Registered Energy Advisors

Join our growing network of EA’s across Canada.
For existing EA’s and aspiring EA’s
We provide a very affordable and creative path to completing your required probationary files, the required mentorship and achieving your full NRCan EA certification.

We assist our network of EA’s grow their skills and business opportunities.

We remove barriers to getting your new or existing career as an energy advisor moving forward and look forward to including you in our team of EA’s.

Why Work With Us?

Unbiased, Honest Information

We provide the highest quality of service to every customer and give honest answers that are in the best interest of the customer at all times. Our success depends on never misrepresenting the facts and maintaining a spotless reputation for integrity, value and customer service.


Empowering You to Make Informed Decisions

We give you the tools and information to make decisions that are right for you, your budgets and long term, plans.

Energy Rating Systems

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